I'm currently taking a hiatus from commission painting, but plan to start again when I am able.

Depending on your needs, prices may vary. Very simple or very complicated work may shift the cost either way, but here are some solid pricing estimates for common jobs:

Single Figure (28mm or so)

$60 for the whole package - assembly, basing, and paint. Single figures are painted to a display standard, with emphasis on smooth highlights. The $60 cost applies to most hero-sized figures.

Some examples of single figure jobs:

Groups of 5 or more for Wargaming

$13 per figure - cost covers paint. Assembly + basing can be performed for a small fee. Groups are painted to a tabletop standard; just a solid, high-contrast paint job with defined shadows and highlights.

Some examples of tabletop group jobs:

No genre is off-limits, no job is out of the question! 


Interested in getting some work done? Contact me with any questions and let's get the ball rolling!

Email me for a quote! (

Any information you can provide upfront about your project would be helpful and appreciated (make and model, number of figures, special requests, etc.).

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