Thursday, August 11, 2016

Percival & The Black Knight (Kingdom Death)

I am very pleased and very proud to show off my latest paints - A pair of figures from the Kingdom Death line. The Black Knight on the left and Percival on the right.

I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of painting such fine models. The Black Knight in particular is just insanely detailed - it practically paints itself - and worth every penny (it may have been a lot of pennies).

I had such a good time painting these that I couldn't help myself and hunted down a Flower Knight on eBay, as well as snagging up a copy of all ten Gen Con promo models from this year's show (I didn't attend, but managed to connect with someone who did). I just wish I could have gotten a copy of the Sci Fi Flower Knight. I'll be watching the KD store like a hawk for my chance at one.

If you are in the Jackson, MI. area, then you can see them on display at The Toy House in downtown Jackson, where they will be behind glass for a little while.

Anyway, enjoy a few more photos of these.


  1. Excellent job on these two models. They are perhaps my favorite two models from the KD line. I have not seen too many painted versions of these models yet. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hey - don't know how I missed your comment originally, but thanks so much! Appreciate the kind words.