Saturday, February 27, 2016

Malifaux Flesh Construct - Painted and Putrid

I finally finished a project that was started around Halloween. It was subsequently shelved for months before brushing the dust off about a week ago.

I had a ton of fun with this figure and, quite accidentally, learned a few tricks that I feel will lend themselves to a distinctive style for me to settle in. It's also my most successful application of NMM to date.

I am ecstatic about how it turned out and I can't wait to paint his buddies that came in the McMourning Box. This Flesh Construct is also my first Malifaux figure - and certainly not my last!

Here are some WIP pics of the process:

Some base coats are applied and a dark green wash is spread evenly over the entire miniature.

The first few flesh layers are applied.

More and more layers of flesh tone are applied, ending in straight VGC Pale Flesh as the brightest shade.

Some gore work is painted in in various areas. Some shadow areas are made darker in select spots using a thinned down mix of dark red and brown.

Gore areas are cleaned up, shadows and lining are made stronger and tightened up wherever it was sloppy. NMM has begun,  starting with the brain cage. The brain was colored in a little, also. 

NMM work is applied to all areas in the front of the model, along with more gore highlighting. Other various tubes and valve covers were layered to completion.

Focus turns to the rear and I go ahead and do some NMM on his valve infested, bolted-on backpack. Before he's finished, a final round of hotspots will be applied to all the metal in select areas . 


  1. Excellent layering there ... really came out!

  2. Awesome stuff! I really do like your construct. I think I need tons of practice, just started this hobby a few month ago :) would you mind telling me something about the skintones used? Did you mix in an offcolor? Cheers Chris

    1. Thanks! Lots of layering went into the Flesh. Step by step, it was something like this:

      1) Reaper Master Series Highland Moss was used as a basecoat
      2) A dark green wash was applied afterwards
      3) Reaper Master Series Pale Lichen was mixed into Highland Moss to create many layers over the basecoat - between each layer, more Pale Lichen was mixed in.
      4) Started mixing in Vallejo Game Color Pale Flesh into Pale Lichen to create the final layers. The final layer is straight Pale Flesh with a tiny bit of VMC Pale Sand mixed into the make it brighter.

      Then the gore was thrown in on top of that with glazes of red mixed with brown. Touchups to the flesh tones were done as a final step.

    2. Wow thanks for the detailed answer! This will help me as a novice painter to get in the right direction! Cheers

    3. Wow thanks for the detailed answer! This will help me as a novice painter to get in the right direction! Cheers

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