Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Indian In My Cupboard

Miniature Service Center (henceforth referred to as MSC) has a fantastic line of 40mm Woodland Indians from the French & Indian War era that are a real joy to paint.

This model in particular has a very dynamic stance, like he's about to pop a musket round into some unfortunate victim.

Looking around the internet for some inspiration, I was immediately drawn to the red and black warpaint scheme that kept popping up; I knew I had to paint mine that way. That particular color combination seemed to inspire intimidation and menace - exactly the kind of reaction the Indians wanted to evoke from their enemies, I'm sure.

I don't normally use metallic paint to paint metal (I've never got it to look very good), but felt this was a good opportunity to practice some TMM. In the end, a black wash helped settle down the gleam enough where the metal didn't appear too gaudy.

Gahh! While painting the blue on the loincloth, some of it ended up on the legs. Clumsy! Unfortunately, during the cleanup process, I ended up obliterating the blending I had on the leg and wound up with thighs that looked paler than the rest of the body. A reminder that I should probably base coat the entire mini before layering on the highlights.

A close up of the eyes

All done!

A very satisfying project, indeed.

I can't help but feel these are some of the best Woodland Indians around. At 40mm, they make fantastic display pieces. I had a blast painting this one, and I most definitely plan to do a few more as time allows.

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  1. Your figure painting is crazy good I'm about to start a woodlands Indian paining project would you mind if I ask what paints you used for the flesh.