Saturday, October 10, 2015

Iraqi Army

Time to tackle some job work. I received a dozen figures in various states of prime and half-paint that need to be painted up like Iraqi Republican Guard / Regular Army. I'm not well versed in what that should look like, so I'm grateful the customer provided this photo:

The boys cheesing for the camera in their cute little hats!

The time frame is the second Iraq War, pre-coalition victory.

There's nothing terribly complicated about the uniforms, and the helmets are very basic, so this job ought to go very smoothly. I was able to get a lot of base coating done last night. Here's where we are for the time being:

The plan for this evening is to finish base coating (still need to do weapons, packs, and straps) then hit them all with some shade wash. With any luck, I can get faces done to completion as well.

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