Sunday, October 25, 2015

Insurgency Attire

As part of a larger job, I painted up some Iraqi insurgents to look like what's in this photo:

I plucked out five figures that I thought would fit this motif best. Then I slapped some base coat on those muthas and, feeling saucy, laid down some stripes here and there. A lot of these guys have pockets on their pants, so those ones aren't getting leg stripes. These modern figures are always, and I mean *always*, sculpted in cargo pants. Wartime fashion by Old Navy.

So I'm feeling pretty good about how things are shaping up.

After finishing the base coats completely, I decided to tackle the flesh and eyes. Faces were pretty easy given that they are 80% covered. 

Pecked in some pupils with a .005mm Micron and decided I probably won't do that anymore. It is very easy doing eyes with a pen, but the ink has a reflective quality that makes the pupils hard to pick out in certain lighting. I feel like I've gotten accurate enough to do pupils with a brush by now, so I'll stick to that method.

I also made a rookie mistake when painting some of the headwraps - I had a lapse in judgement and used straight white to highlight them. I was reminded why you should always mix a little tint of some kind into your white before applying it - it just comes out too strong without it. I ended up repainting the highlights after mixing in a touch of Vallejo Game Color Stonewall Grey.

Here are the headwraps after being patterned. The red ones turned out nicer than the white ones but overall I'm pleased. They look great when viewed from overhead at tabletop distance. Almost finished now.

And there they are. I'll come back to them when the remaining pile is finished and touch them up; some of the metal is exposed in small corners from handling and I'd like to tighten up the shadows in some spots for stronger contrast. I'm really happy with the head wraps, despite them looking less optimal in the photos (they do look much better viewed from higher up).

On to the next batch.

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