Monday, October 26, 2015

Drow Rogue

A customer wanted this Reaper Vale Archer painted as a drow. For those not hip to D&D, drow are subterranean dark elves with black skin, white hair, and... well, that's about it. At least, that's all I could really tell you. I fought against some drow in an old Commodore 64 game and that pretty much sums up my exposure to them, aside from a million Drizzt references throughout the internet. 

The game was called Curse of the Azure Bonds and I totally beat it, by the way.

Glued and primed. What could possibly go wrong?

Not even ten minutes into painting this figure and the hand pops off. I glued it back on, painted for a little bit and pop! There she goes. There she goes again. I realized very quickly that I'd put off learning how to pin for too long, so I bit the bullet and laid my money down for a pin vise. It would take days to arrive, so I figured I'd keep on painting in the meantime.

Face and eyes are looking good - not happy with the hair yet.

Getting the hair to look right was a welcome challenge. Never done white hair before.

Highlighted the purple clothes. Guess what? First time doing purple, too.

The leather armor was highlighted along with the trim. 
Pin vise arrives and the bow hand is fastened, this time for good.

All done!

Alternate angles on the finished figure.

The figure is complete and she was a delight to paint, even if she was a hassle to glue together. I'm happy to now have proper pinning materials handy; assembly on future metal ought to be easier, too.

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